Wolves, and other creatures too…

So, my first ever South African show is going up at Wolves in Illovo next week, it opens on Friday (the 28th February 2014) evening and runs until the end of March. It is going to be like one of those awkward animal adoption fair things, but when you get home you wont regret buying them and they probably wont pee in the house.

I am not sure how many creatures will fit, but I sent somewhere between 40 and 50, including a brand new series of cats and one of delfty creatures that I have never shown anywhere, except perhaps on instagram…. so if you live in Johannesburg, you should go, and also take your friends, and their friends, and the random guy in the back of the taxi.

This is the poster, now say “ooooh”

Wolves Exhibition, Johannesburg 2014
Wolves Exhibition, Johannesburg 2014

Josie and Nicky

I painted a couple of portraits for one of my favourite couples during October last year, which we displayed for the first time at the Viento y Agua show, these guys are just the sparkliest most awesome travelling animal creatures you could hope to meet.



Viento Y Agua 2013/2014

I recently did a second solo show at my favourite local space, which went incredibly well, not only did we sell almost everything we had on display and further prints in many cases, but I got to work on a few great commissions which I’ll share soon.

Here are some pieces we displayed as part of this show;

Evangeline Ian

The new adventures of old agnes…

I have a brand new shiny, simple, streamlined website, which fills me with fizzing, bouncing, popping joy. I will be trying to update ye old blog more often, in the meantime, here is a fantastic iphone photograph something I painted today…

Ulfinn - Gray Wolf Portrait
Ulfinn – Gray Wolf Portrait

Ulfinn grew up in his twin brother’s shadow, which worked out quite well in the end, the sun, and many years on a tour bus can be hard on a wolf. Their grandmother always said “He who laughs last, laughs the longest” and in this case, gets to wear the floral print cravat without even a smidgen of irony.